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Using Mobile Phones


Total Flexibility, see how to use S4S Replay

What type of installation is best for you?

Fixed Installation

If you own a sports facility, club, school, condominium, etc. and want a quote for a fixed installation of S4S Replay equipment, get in touch. We send the equipment anywhere in Brazil, with installation instructions, or if you prefer, we can carry out the installation as well.

Mobile Kit

This exclusive option allows you to take the S4S Replay wherever you want, whether on the field, on the beach, in the sun or rain, record your incredible moves, memorable goals and spectacular plays. You can buy a complete kit consisting of a camera, tripod, battery, charger and bag or choose just a few separate items.


To use S4S Replay you need to install the "S4S Replay" app on your cell phone. See the available plans and choose the one that is best for you.
After the app is installed, search for a field or court with S4S Replay,  scan the QRCode next to the field or court, and start your recording session.
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How it works?

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Install the app and choose the best subscription plan for you. In the app you will find details on how to use S4S Replay. We will only explain the basic operation here.

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Being in a location with S4S Replay available, go to the court or field where you are going to play and start the recording session by reading the QRCode. If you are in a group, just one starting the session is enough to enable the buttons and remote controls to record clips

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With the session started, anyone can press the corresponding button closest to the move (on the side of the field or court or remote control) whenever a move that they want to save occurs, each time they press the button a clip will be generated and stored in the camera.

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The administrator who started the session or another administrator in the group must close the session as soon as the game ends,  and you can decide when to upload clips to the web, either waiting for a Wi-Fi network or using your own data connection.

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A session can last up to 6 hours, being automatically closed after this period if it has not been closed previously.

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Once the clips are uploaded to the web, everyone in the group will see the shots on the app's home screen, being able to like, comment,  tag people, scout, share, etc.

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